Monday, October 19, 2009


How we started our relationship? was start from the day you taking your salary at KLCC and we go to alrosan with my friend having middle-east food and that day you send me home. we meet each other at college around 4 o'clock and that time i still consider want to go with you or not?haha...finally i also choose going with you. we dinner around 7 o'clock.I still remember we going to friend birthday. some friend birthday we go there with Sarah them to the hotel at ampang place. that day you mad because its very jam on the way to there~hehe.. really abit scary about that. haha~ you just drink some mixer of liquor. u get drunk. so sweet to send you home and you vomit in the car and ask me "it is smelly, Dear" but really dont have any smell.
Back to blogger but this time just the memory only. just want to remind something in my brain~ that have past tense~really unforgettable the sticker picture we took at the 1st date. hang around together with Sarah and Ahsan at 1U. You are so sweet and in deep of my heart.The time that we have that you gonna go work you come to my house to straighten your hair and i also prepare to go to college and we take the picture in the room~ you look really sweet~
We go to smoke shisha at sunway pyramid. with Sarah and Ashan. that day we buy have buy something there. haha~guess what is that?hehe.........

still remember the trip to Cherating when Christmas Eve?1st day we went there. we wait at the Lrt at titiwangsa and we go there together with your sister. 1st day you get drunk dy. haha~ your sister also drunk and vomit a lot..haha...
The present you giving to me and the present i giving to you~present for you a white Christmas bear, white white hand made Christmas card and a white belt watches~
what you present me?hehe~guess is a balm of each other~
Christmas eve night fever. its fun and both of you 2 drunk and we went back our chalet around 12 o'clock~haha..i need to take care 2 of you~
last day of cherating~ we taking photo around the chalet. its so sweet to hugging you~
The chalet that we were staying. don't know whether have the change to go there again or not? but i will wait for the chance again~hahaha....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chinese new year before i going back to hometown = Sabah. i miss my flight because we late go out from my house and when we know that i can caught the flight anymore. you so down and keep blame yourself but i still can smile and say don't worry because can accompany you at here. but you say you bad because i can't go back gather with my family.haha....really not a matter because i can see you every days. few day later my mom buy a new flight ticket for me to go back sabah and i come back after one week because i also miss you at there~hehe.....

Feb 14 2009.Valentine's day where we had go? the present you giving to me is CK perfume. i like it so much until i keep it and use it carefully and i present u a bracelet...hehe....let me tell you~we went to trader hotel Sky bar having our dinner and then we went to buy Ice-Cream at LOT 10 and we eat ice cream in car. your favorite ice cream is mango sorbet and macadamia nut. mix together~

redang trip is the most fun trip i have been go with you because i can take care of you all the time. holding your hand and feel so close. seriously. i know you like to go to beaches area so in my mind i keep planning which place is the next place we going to visit.
the pose that i found a old tree and 4 of us taking some picture around the tree. if have chance i would go again redang with you~

Hehe...This is just small part of the memory. we still have a lot like solaris, shamrock, red cap, and royal club. accompany you all the time i really feel happy~ i know that the percentage of a chance is low then zero(0) and you really scare of me will do anything behind..i can tell you that i never. even my close friend also never.. but i really can simply let go...seriously. because i never ever have a girl like you. don't know have the chance to complete the Island's and beaches together or not~i will do whatever thing you like:) cheerss~!!

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